Saturday, June 30, 2012

Iceland Road Trip Camping

Iceland is a perfect vacation spot for adventure seekers or for relaxed sight seers.  We like adventure and camped for 2 weeks, did a 3 day backpacking trip to Landmannalaugar, but for a lot of the trip we were riding in the car admiring Iceland.   We rented a car and went around the island in 2 weeks. (We rented from Avis for half thee price we thought we were going to have to pay.)   However, we felt rushed.   We would have enjoyed a third week in Iceland.   We started with a day in Reykjavik, but figured we would end up there again if we had extra time.  Snæfellsnes was worth it.  We drove around it in just over a day.  But we didn't get to our camp site until 10:00 pm.  
Then we headed to Ísafjörður peninsula.  We were so excited to see everything in Iceland that we believed we would have to rush through everything.  So we did the  Ísafjörður peninsula in two days.  We thought about the Hornstrandir hike, but it takes way more prep then we were ready for in a two week trip in Iceland. 

North central Iceland and east Iceland

We did a 2 night 3 day backpacking trip Landmannalaugar.  We were so excited that the weather was nice on the first day of trekking so we skipped staying at Hrafntinnusker.  We got off the bus and hiked straight to Alftavatn.  We were glad we did it that way.  Definitely great views to Alftavatn. 

After hiking, we continued to finish our trip in the south west part of Iceland.

On the cliffs we looked for puffins.  We saw some, but only from a distance.

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